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Born June 17, 1980 in Queens New York, to my Minond parents Perla and Samuel.
My older brother Michael was less then happy about this, but alas, overtime he learned
to deal with his new little brother (I am bigger, but still younger at this point...
chances are I will stay younger for the rest of our days).

For high school, I went to the great Bronx High School of Science, at which my first year
I had a 95 average or something ridiculous like that, and then I learned the meaning
and value of spending my time in the cafeteria, pizza place, movies, parks, anywhere
but class. I made it habit of going to my exams and not much else. So that beautiful
average went sloping downhill quite rapidly never to be seen again.

Moving on to Israel, I did the whole kibbutz thing, learned some Hebrew and signed
up for school there. I had a Greek roommate for a few years, and then my Dutch pal, Yaron,
moved in and we shared an apartment until we both left Israel in 2005.

In 2005, I joined up with Jason (Futurological) fairly quickly, and later in the year I got my
position at GCM, which eventually became RBSG, and now simply RBS.

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