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Don't live to eat. Instead, eat to live.

by Dr. Minond 4. March 2010 01:47

One of the major changes in diet over the last few decades has been the slow increase in calories that the average person eats. We can find it everywhere. Increases in fats and sugars in the diet have resulted in not only an increase in the average weight, but also an increase in cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Think of all of the empty calories that many consume in a day. Drinks like soda contain flavorings, chemicals and sugars. They contain no vitamins, minerals or proteins.

Calorie restriction will lead to increased health and prolonging of life. One of the current theories on aging involves the relationship between insulin and glucose. As we age, improper insulin handling of glucose, or sugar causes some of the changes seen in aging. Reducing calories in your diet reduces the amount of circulating insulin. When this occurs, the cells of your body can more efficiently use glucose. Not only does calorie restriction reduce your need for insulin, but it also reduces your circulating levels of glucose. The positive effects of this also include the reduction of blood fats.

You don't have to starve yourself to attain calorie restriction. The first step is to cut out those empty calories in your diet. Start with the liquids you drink. Reduce dramatically your intake of sugared liquids and alcohol. These are empty calories with little to no redeeming value.

The next step is to look at empty calorie starches. Most breads are made from grains that have been stripped of their nutrient value. Then, the company adds back in a few vitamins and calls it enriched. The end product has less nutrient values than the original raw ingredients and it is labeled as enriched. In general, try to limit your intake of white flour products. For example, a slice of bread has the same calories as four teaspoons of sugar. Two slices of bread are the calories that are needed to run one mile. It's amazing how efficient we are.

Look closely at the fats in your diet. There are good fats and bad fats. The fats that you want to reduce are the adulterated fats like partially hydrogenated oils and animal fats. Most of the fast food baked goods and store bought salad dressings are made from partially hydrogenated fats. Margarine is another example of partially hydrogenated fat. These cause imbalances in hormone type substances called prostaglandins.

The final area to look at is your intake of animal fats. Make sure that any meat that you eat has been thoroughly trimmed of all fat and all skin has been removed.

Basically, if you restrict your intake of empty calorie drinks, reduce or eliminate empty calorie breads, pastas and baked goods and reduce or eliminate bad fats, you will have a reduced calorie diet that will lead to a thinner and healthier you.

WHAT DO I EAT? The answer is a diet filled with fruits, grains and vegetables supplemented with low fat proteins and adequate amounts of essential fatty acids.

If you feel like a snack, first think about what you ate at your last meal. Meals high in empty calories will cause a release of insulin and a rebound later that makes you hungry.

If you have any doubts about your diet, write down everything you eat and drink for a week as well as the times of day you eat. Bring this to the office and we can talk about your diet. Moderate changes can have amazing effects on your health.

More tips and articles will be posted in the future, so check back!
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