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NYC Chiropractor

by Jonathan F. Minond 6. March 2011 00:35

Dr. Michael Minond, NYC Chiropractor, based in Manhattan has successfully launched http://www.nyc-wellness-chiropractor.com his new website for chiropractic and overall wellness.

For years, Dr. Minond has been working to provide a natural healing experience for his patients. He believes in treating the Cause and not just the symptom of your problems, taking the aches and pains away for good.

Using a variety of advanced techniques, such as Applied Kinesiology to diagnose and treat.

I recommend checking the site out, signing up for the wellness newsletter, and scheduling a visit!

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by Jonathan F. Minond 26. August 2010 05:24

Our stay in Kansas was breif, mainly we had a lovely dinner at a BBQ place, which was featured on Diners, Drive In's and Dives

We also drove past a little Prairie Dog Farm that caught our eye, so we chose to make a pit stop and have a look.

We saw Prairie dogs:

and Rattle Snakes:

and all kinds of other animals.

And that's all folks!


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Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 20:20

Last day of real traveling before Vegas. Another national park. This one has a lot of petrified wood, turned to nifty looking rock more or less. Not the most exciting or breathtaking views or scenery we had on this trip. I think if we did this first it might have been a bit more impressive, but after almost 2 weeks looking at rocks, these were somewhat time.

The painted desert was a little interesting in some of it's views, and the colors the hills took on.


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Grand Canyon

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 20:20

Big giant hole.

Very famous.

Very big.

Ok, but seriously, it's actually quite impressive.... it's impressive, scenic, quiet, peacefull, massive. We stopped at several scenic look outs, and did not do that much. Took a lot of pictures fairly quickly, but could easily spend more time there I think. I can imagine the thing to do is rent a hellicopter and fly over it for a while, and try to land somewhere in the bottom and look up.


Bar M Loop and Ride to Arches

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 20:19

A map of my ride is available here: http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=738655
It starts with a loop called the Bar M Loop just outside Moab, Utah.

Technically, Bar M is a fairly easy ride, there are no major hurdles, and it's an overall nice introduction to Moab Riding, but still can offer a nice work out. It's probably a kid friendly ride.
The trail itself has an elevation change of around 3 or 4 hundred feet. (Most the elevation in my map is the highway ride after going back to Arches). There are some wash areas, minor slickrock sections, plenty of dirt and a little bit of rocky gardens. The loop is about 8 miles long, with plenty of shortcuts back to the parking lot. I did the loop counter clockwise, but apparently you can do it the other way as well. The way I did, the loop ends with kinf of a slow long climb, which would be down the other way, but that would change throughout the ride, so not sure which would be better.

You can branch out from the loop to several connecting trails, Rocking A, Bar B and Circle O, each with different levels of difficulty and distance. I did not have time to explore any of these when I went on this occasion. I would probably go for Circle O and Bar B, Rocking A is the hardest for most expereinced people.

I will add some pictures here soon.....

Picture... Picture... Picture.....

A nice little highway stretch for a few miles, short early climb, and then mostly downhill on the highway!


HorseShoe Bend

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 20:15

A big bend in the river, good opportunities to try and take some pictures. Basically you drive up to a parking lot of the road, and then you hike up a little over half a mile to the rim of the horse shoe. It's kind of like taking a sandy walk on the beach, until it turns to mainly rock the closer you get to the rim. There are some areas you can hike up to get a higher view point, or different angle, although by the end I think the closer you are to the main entry, the more centered you are for any pictures you want to take.

We spent around 2 1/2 hours there, waiting for the sun to go down, taking pictures in different lighting, and watching a tremendous ant colony do it's mating thing.

Saw some ants getting it on... video and pictures.

<Picture> <Picture>

<Download Video>


Las Vegas

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 19:34

What can I say... The strip is like a giant cruise ship that does not move. Each hotel is like a small city. Gambling, Drinking, Parties galore.
During the day I was more interested in working our way to Red Canyon and Blue Diamond where there are something like 150+ miles of Single Track riding trails througout the desert. Some of the most fun straight up XC riding I have ever done. Fast, slick, well maintained single track... Rocky, Sandy, Dirty paths.... Cactus on the right, Cactus on the left....
http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=753871 - This is the first day riding around Vegas, this is the one were we made a wrong turn and hiked back in the dark.
http://www.everytrail.com/view_trip.php?trip_id=754275 - This was a short fast final ride of the trip, just enjoying the miles of smiles from the day before, with a shortcut back to the parking lot (I am not sure I took that on purpose, either way, Alessandro was very happy to cut short that day as the trip was catching up to him I think).

We made a wrong turn at one point, got lost in the desert for a bit following the wrong trail paths, it got dark very quickly and we had to hike our bikes back for around an hour and a half in the pitch black, it was not so bad, as the stars shined bright, and this happened to be the night of a meteor shower, the sky really was amazing, and it made for a nice expereince. (Only to happen once, next time you go riding a little earlier and make sure your back while it's still light... or get some much stronger headlights for the bike... option 1 seems safer at this point in my life).

I did a small bit of gambling, mainly after I had a shave I played some black jack, doubled my money, paid for the shave, and felt satisfied with my gambling adventure.

The 100+ degree weather did lead to a couple of sessions of doing nothing by the pool for an hour or so while Alessandro napped.


Page, Arizona

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 19:32

Small town, not that much of a town, has one street with like 10 different churches, I think called Church Row. Several scenic places nearby, the Dam, Lake Powell, Horseshoe Canyon, Antelope Canyon, Activites would be things to do on the lake, and the RimView Trail which we biked around. Food was not great, service was slow and not great, the sushi was an experience we wish we did not have (luckiy that was corrected in vegas later with some phenominal sushi).

We rode the Rimview trail in two parts becuase we got lost the first day.

The first day, after the ride we rode down the hill for a while on the main road, until we decided we actually had to climb back up... that was a fun little challange at the end of the ride. I think I enjoyed it more than Alessandro did.


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Arches National Park

by Jonathan F. Minond 19. August 2010 05:49

A not so big national park, with a bunch of natural bridges / arches formed by massive rocks. You can drive around most the park from arch to arch, there are lot's of hiking paths, absolutely no biking inside the park off road. They do have a nice looking road bike path which I did not try out, I think it's like a 60 mile loop or something (maybe next time). There are nice photo opportunities and it's a relaxing place, not the most exciting thouh.

Over all this was a pleasant day of driving and hiking around the park looking at big rock formations.

Towards the end of the day it rained breifly and liglhtly, which caused a mini river to build up towards the bottom exit of the park, I will post some pictures of that at a later time.


A picture... This is actually a panorama of several shots stitched together, and shrunk to fit the web better. If I find a way I like of posting full resolution panoramas I will add them later on.




by Jonathan F. Minond 18. August 2010 08:44

A theme of our trip from Moab through the Petrified Forest. We had a few things planned we could not accomplish. While off roading was part of the plan, the vehicle prepped, the reality is we simply did not have a big enough engine at times, or big enough tires / clearance to make it every where we had hoped. Our first rough experience came when we went hunting on Long Canyon Road, so that we could get some photos of us driving under a big fallen over rock on a scenic road. Well planned, until the storm hit the night before, and caused a bit of flooding and some washed out areas of road. The dirt roads quickly turned to very thick, deep, impassable mud. We learned this the hard way as we got the Ford stuck in a good chunk, had to get a ride back to town and order up a tow with a long strong wench to pull the car back out of the mud. Good Times.
Later in the trip we went on a long drive through some green washes at fairly low elevation by the river. Again, after a good long treck, we simply found a section we could not pass. Instead of being silly and trying it anyway, this time we exited the car, and tested the muds depth with some sticks and rock, deciding it was too deep and turning the car around. This little adventure happened 2 more times after this, but we never got the car stuck again at least.

While the lightning storm early on was a beautiful expereince, one of a kind watching the storms from up so close, almost in the clouds, with them touching the ground as we were up in the mountains between 4-6 thousand feet elevation. It put a little bit of a damper on several plans for the next few days, as the water quickly collects at the bottoms of the canyons and mountains washing out several roads. The rangers also seem a bit behind in what roads they feel are still driveable or not, or they simply do not understand the limitations of our vehicle vs. those of a Rubicon.

The Slightly more capable Rubicon :-) (Picture borrowed from 4x4offroads.com).



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